Uploading Photo ID

Completing photo ID verification and live photo booking is an easy process that ensures your key owner's security and regulatory compliance in certain countries. If you have been given access to a set of keys that require photo ID verification, you will need to use the URL Link or download the iOS or Android mobile apps to complete the photo ID verification and live photo booking.

New Beta Feature

Please note that Keycafe's Photo ID feature is in beta. We appreciate any feedback. If you encounter any problems please let us know at support@keycafe.com.



Upload your photo ID

  1. Select Bookings from the bottom menu and select the keys you wish to pick up.
  2. Select Upload Photo ID.
  3. Select Next and select the visitor whose information you are entering.
  4. Enter the visitor's information and select Next.
  5. Select Next when you are ready to take a photo of your passport or national ID.

Take a Clear Photo!

Make sure that the photo you are uploading is in focus and clearly shows the entirety of your passport or national ID.

  1. Select Use photo and Accept Photo once you are satisfied with the photo.
  2. Complete steps 4 to 6 for the remaining visitors.

You Are Almost Done

If the key-owner has not requested Live Photo Booking, you are all done!

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