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Keycafe SmartBoxes allow for keys to be dropped off and picked up. Each key bin is designed to store a single set of keys and is its own isolated compartment. The SmartBox is cellular enabled and connects to the Keycafe cloud to report its status, complete key exchanges, update its firmware and other protocols. Each key pickup or drop off is logged and each key is attached to a key fob that is scanned during drop offs. A key exchange interaction can be completed by way of the Keycafe mobile app, your own enterprise app via the API, or by interacting with native firmware application presented on the SmartBox screen. This article contains a list of the major hardware and firmware components that compose the SmartBox.




The physical body of the SmartBox is comprised of the following:

  1. Chassis: the exterior metal frame that contains all SmartBox components.
  2. Key bins: the containers that are installed in the chassis for storing individual keys. Each key bin has a door, solenoid holder, and bin cavity that is composed of glass-nylon reinforced plastic and a metal solenoid that serves as the locking mechanism. The bin door opens when picking up or dropping off keys.
  3. Touch screen: located on the bottom right of the SmartBox. Using the screen you can set up, drop off, or pick up keys, as well as access diagnostic information.
  4. LED one-touch button: located under the touch screen. After initiating access to a key or requesting a key bin to open via the app or api, this button will flash and pressing this button will execute the command. This ensures that somebody is always present during a bin open event.
  5. NFC scanner: located on the left side of the touch screen. During the key setup or drop-off process, you will be asked to hold the key fob near the scanner to scan your key.
  6. Reset button: placed on the bottom right side of the touch screen. Pressing this button will reboot the system and restart your SmartBox.
  7. Monochromatic LED: signals that the SmartBox is on and powered.
  8. Console: installed inside of the chassis, it contains majority of the electrical components of the SmartBox including the touch screen, NFC scanner, motherboard, and antenna.
  9. Motherboard: installed inside the console, the motherboard enables the SmartBox to function and communicate with the Keycafe server and other SmartBox peripherals.
  10. Electronic lock: secures the chassis to the backplate and limits access to the inside of the SmartBox. To detach the SmartBox, visit your account for the access code and instructions.
  11. Power Supply: initially placed inside the chassis, the power supply includes the power cord and plug to connect the SmartBox to the power outlet.
  • Backplate: the flat metal board with multiple screw holes on it. After mounting it on the wall, the SmartBox is installed on the backplate.
  • 3.7v Battery and 7.4v Battery: installed inside of the console. In case of a loss of AC power, the SmartBox will use the batteries as a backup power supply.



The major firmware features of the SmartBox include:

  • Slide show: contains multiple images that are displayed on the touch screen to showcase what Keycafe is about.
  • Help option: accessed by tapping on the ? button on the bottom right corner of the screen. It provides information about Keycafe, contact options, and your device status.
    • Device status: provides information on the location your SmartBox is linked to, its serial number, battery level, peripheral status (the SD card or NFC scanner), SmartBox type, and its firmware version.
    • Troubleshooting: provides the ability to enter a troubleshooting code to unlock the electronic lock or individual key bins.
  • Key exchange options: accessed by tapping on the Touch Screen to Start button on the screen. You can set up, drop off, or pick up keys by following the instructions.
  • Power management: allows the SmartBox to switch between the battery and AC modes. The AC mode is on when the SmartBox is plugged into an outlet. When unplugged, the SmartBox's power source will switch to batteries.
  • Over the air update: happens through the cellular connection when a new version of the firmware is released. The SmartBox will display an updating page during this process. Once the process is completed, the SmartBox will restart.
  • White-labeling: allows our enterprise customers to rebrand the Keycafe SmartBox chassis and add their company logo to the SmartBox Screen.
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