Known Issues

What are Known Issues?

The Maison 100 Series SmartBox began operating in the field in late 2018. It is a product with over 50 moving parts, custom electronics, a backup power system, and continuous protocols for communicating with the cloud over cellular networks. As a connected product with an integrated hardware/software design, it is relatively early in its product development lifecycle and new issues will emerge as the SmartBox is increasingly deployed at scale. As issues become known, Keycafe will publish them here along with possible troubleshooting information.

Our process of gathering information on issues from the field is to have our operations team troubleshoot units that exhibit unexpected behavior. If we are unable to resolve the issue, we typically replace the affected components. The components are returned to our regional office or global headquarters for review by our engineers.

This inventory of issues is imperfect, maybe non-exhaustive, and will be some period of time behind our findings. Frequency is a team estimate and not a precise figure. Issues that we deem unique such as a failure with a pattern of symptoms that has occurred once or a limited number of times, we may not publish. We may also choose to not publish certain issues that could be used as a security exploit. If you are a verified customer or potential customer, we may share that information with you upon request.


Issue Cohort / Frequency Fix Status Behavior Resolution
Motherboard Infant Failure MS100s ~1% Repair Required The electronics fail, e.g. will not turn on or is generally inoperable. Can manifest as failure to turn on, inoperable touch screen, or other bad states. Some units electronics fail soon after deployment and must be replaced. We return these electronics to our engineering team for analysis. Issues we can identify will be resolved in future builds. We are engaged in continuous improvement of our manufacturing and quality control techniques to reduce infant mortality of the electronics.
Inaccurate Power Status MS100s ~1.5% Repair Required The device status will say it is on battery power even though it is powered by AC We believe this issue is caused by a power surge to an adaptor which causes its readings to be inaccurate. Replacing the adaptor should fix the issue. In some cases resetting a breaker in the area has worked. In some cases the issue is due to the motherboard and the device must be replaced.


Issue Cohort / Frequency Fix Status Behavior Resolution
Frozen Screen MS100s
In Progress The screen is frozen and unresponsive to screen touches This is the expected behavior when the device loses its connection because the firmware pauses while the device tries to reestablish its connection. Sometimes once the connection is regained, the firmware will remain in the frozen state. If your SmartBox is in a good connection environment, you should see this issue no more than once a month, but poor connection environments may see it several times per week. The reset button on the device will almost always resolve this issue unless your device is still in a state where it is experiencing frequent dropped connections, in which case it may freeze again. A coming release of the firmware will allow the device to operate in an offline state and automatically restart the device if it freezes.
Scanner Non-Initialization MS100s
In Progress The scanner Is not functioning and the device status screen says the scanner has an issue A reset should resolve the issue. If this does not resolve your issue, contact our support team for assistance. We are working on firmware updates that will reduce or eliminate this issue.
SD Card Non-Initialization MS100s
In Progress The screen is not displaying words or images or the device status screen says the SD card has an issue A device reset should resolve the issue. We are working on firmware updates that will reduce or eliminate this issue.
Fluctuating Power State MS100s
~1% low power startups
In Progress When the batteries are in a depleted state and the device is plugged in, in rare instances, the power will continuously fluctuate causing the screen to flash and solenoids to click resulting in bins opening. This issue has been isolated and relates to an unexpected power state. We expect to patch the firmware in the near future. In the meantime, we advise you to monitor the alerts we send when your locations lose AC power, and establish power before the batteries fully deplete.
LTE CATM1 Downloading Files MS102, MS112, MS121 in the US In progress The LTE-M devices have more frequently restart their session and do not easily make their way through image downloads. Restarting multiple times will usually work as the device saves its progress during downloads. We have a more general fix underway.


Issue Cohort / Frequency Fix Status Behavior Resolution
Shipping Damage MS100s ~3% Resolved Damage that can occur during shipping includes (i) DOA out of the box (a particular Jan-19 factory batch suffered warehouse damage), (ii) cellular antenna ripped non-functional, (iii) screen cracked, (iv) screen dead due to damaged cabling, (v) NFC scanner damaged due to impact to components, (vi) adaptor damaged and won't power the device Much of this damage resulted from poor packaging. We have since improved our packaging techniques and expect shipping damage issues to fall significantly as a % of devices over time. If there is an issue out of the box, Keycafe will send a replacement unit or part.
Key Bin Misalignment MS100s ~3% Resolved A key bin becomes misaligned and no longer reliably closes This can occur if the solenoid becomes unflanged. Generally this occurs during shipping, and it is fixable by applying pressure in a certain way so that the solenoid moves back into position. If that is not successful, our support team can send a replacement key bin. We have a fix in progress for future production units.
Backplate Tightness Mar-19 Batch Resolved A particular batch shipped from the factory in March / April has a tight backplate fit The tight backplate makes mounting a little more difficult, but once on the wall everything is fine. If you notice the issue and wish to have a new backplate, we can send you one.
Touch Screen Tightness Nov-18 Batch Resolved A particular batch of units shipped in November 2018 had non-responsive touch screens due to overtightening Untightening the screens resolved the issue
Devices in Ireland Require Significant Time to Connect MS100 Resolved New devices in Ireland would require days or never find a cellular connection. This was found to be a carrier issue in recognizing new devices arriving in country. We have resolved this issue with the in-country cellular provider.
Connected with Black Screen MS100s Expected On battery power, a unit can be connected and checking while having a black screen The % battery level we provide is for the battery powering the cellular module. There is a separate battery powering the peripherals for which we do not currently know its % level. This is the expected behavior when the unit is operating on battery power and the battery powering the peripherals is depleted while the battery powering the cellular module is still operating. We may in the future introduce a fuel gauge for the peripherals battery.
SD Card Resets 1% of MS100s Resolved The device resets if an image on disk becomes corrupted. We have introduced fixes to the firmware protect the SD card from corruption, recover from misreads of files without restarting.
Failed SD Card MS100s ~0.25% Resolved The SD card fails and requires replacement We have introduced a new firmware code that protects the SD cards from corruption and can reformat if necessary. There will still be some electronics failure rate outside our control and we provide a backup SD card in each SmartBox's repair kit.
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