At Keycafe, we provide a number of white-labeling options to our enterprise customers to address your various needs. For more information on enterprise key management systems, visit Keycafe Enterprise.

App and SmartBox Screen Customization

By enabling the firmware white-labeling option, you are able to add your company's name as the owner of your keys in the notifications, and on the app and website. Additionally, you can replace the Keycafe logo on the slide show that is displayed on the SmartBox.

To proceed with white-labeling, follow these steps:

1. Log into your Keycafe Dashboard.

2. Select More from the menu options.

3. Select Advanced and White-labeling Assets.

4. Enter your company's name in the first text box, and select Update.

5. Upload your company's logo by choosing jpg or png file format (320px X 105px).

For an additional fee of $39 per month, your company logo will be added to the SmartBox Screen. You must have uploaded your logo to the app customization step first.

6. From the Advanced menu, select SmartBoxes.

7. Toggle White-label Firmware on.

8. Select Save Changes.

SmartBox Language Settings

By turning on this setting, you are able to choose the languages that are available on your SmartBox. You have the option to choose from English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, German and Chinese.

SmartBox Support Text Customization

You can add your own custom text to the help menu on the SmartBox screen, such as your company support number or email information.

9. Activate Support Area customization by turning on the toggle, and entering your custom text.

10. Select Save Changes.

SmartBox Custom Branding Skin

To rebrand the Keycafe SmartBox chassis by applying your own vinyl stickers, download the design template that is specific to your SmartBox model. Once you have created your tailored design, you can order your stickers online.

MS200 25 bin base SmartBox
MS220 8 bin base SmartBox

Sticker Printing Shops

Using the templates enables you to have your designs printed at any printing shop. For high-quality stickers, we recommend using Sticker Genius and their Removable Genius Vinyl Decals.

SmartBox Factory Custom Branding

For orders of more than 100 SmartBoxes, you have the option to order factory custom colours and your company logo printed on the chassis. Contact your account rep for details.


Complete your customers journey with Keycafe through customized Keycafe fobs. Branded key fobs come in packages of 250 fobs. Download the template to create your own design. Submit the design to your account rep in a printable PDF format. Please note that the white area is not editable. You must leave that exactly as is found in the design.

Custom Fob


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