Setting Up a Key Remotely

Setting up a key remotely is a feature for key-owners who have already entrusted a guest with their keys and would like to start using Keycafe. You can invite someone else who has your keys to set them up on your behalf and drop them off at a Keycafe SmartBox location.

Inviting Someone to Set Up a Key

Enable Classic View

This feature is currently only available in our web application's classic view. Proceed with the following steps to enable the classic view:

1. Access Keycafe through a web browser on your mobile or computer device.

2. Select More.

3. Select Classic View.

4. Enter your login details and verification code.

1. Select +KEY near the top right-hand corner.

2. Fill out your key's information and make sure to tick the Invite Key box.


3. Enter the email of the person registering the keys for you.

4. Enter the location of the SmartBox that you'd like to have the keys dropped off at.

4. Press Submit at the bottom of the form.

You Are All Set!

Once you have submitted the form, Keycafe will send an email with step-by-step instructions to the key-holder on how to set up and drop off your keys.

Setting Up a Key for a Key-Owner

If you have been requested to set up and drop off a key that you are holding for someone, you will have received an email with a one-time setup code. This email will have a set of instructions on how to setup and drop off a key. Additionally, the email will contain the address of the SmartBox's location along with the location's opening hours.

Remember your Access Code!

Make sure you have your one-time setup code, as you will need it when setting up and dropping off the key.

1. Go to the designated Keycafe location and touch the SmartBox screen to start.

2. Select Setup New Key. If there is no Setup New Key option on the Keycafe SmartBox, select Key Drop Off, then select Keys that need a Fob.

3. Enter the access code you received via email on the SmartBox touch screen and select Enter.

4. Select the name of the key you wish to drop off.

5. Retrieve a fob from the open key bin and close the bin door.

6. Attach the Keycafe fob to your set of keys.

7. Scan the fob by pressing and holding the fob on the right side of the SmartBox and a beep will confirm that you have set up the keys.

You Are All Done!

You have successfully set up the key. If the key owner wants the key dropped off at this location, you may do so now.

See Dropping Off a Key for more information.

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