Data Imports

Importing bulk data to your account

Creating CSV Import File

The following table lists the fields that you can include in the file:

Field Description
Name Required. The key name.
Description The key description.
Internal Notes The internal notes. These will not be displayed to the guest. The maximum length is 100 characters.
Street The street address.
Unit The address unit number.
City The address city.
State/Province The address state or province.
Country The address country.
Postal Code The address postal code.
Serial Number The serial number of the Keycafe fob.
Key Code If set to "true", generates a key code for the key.

Download Sample Import File

Download our CSV template to help you best organize your data before importing.

Sample CSV Import File


Importing Your Keys Data

You can import new keys to your account.

1. Log into your Keycafe account.

2. Select More from the menu.

3. Select Advanced.

4. Select Imports.

5. Click on Choose file to select a CSV file from your computer.

6. Select Import Data.

Your import is added to the queue and the keys are added when the import process is complete. You can visit the Imports page to check your progress at any time.



Assign Unique Codes To Each Key

If you wish to assign key codes to each key, make sure to activate Key Codes under More  >> Advanced >> Keys >> Key Codes prior to uploading and set the "Key Codes" to "True" in your csv




Import Limitations

There are also the following limitations to bulk importing:

  • The import CSV data file must contain no more than 500 rows of data.
  • The import CSV data file cannot be larger than 2 MB.
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