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How to provide visitors with accesses to your keys

With Keycafe you are able to add a one-time booking or an ongoing access. To learn more about each visitor type visit About Bookings.


Enregistrement d'une clé

Avant d’accorder votre premier accès, connectez-vous à votre compte Keycafe et enregistrez votre clé

Proceed with the following steps to create one-time booking.


Setting Up One-Time Booking

1. Connectez - vous à votre application ou site web Keycafe Dashboard .

2. Sélectionnez + Ajouter en haut.

3. Select One-Time Booking from the pop up menu. Please note that you are required to create a key before being able to create a booking.

4. Select the name of the key you wish to give access to.

5. Enter their email address or select Send to Mobile # on top right to provide access by their mobile phone number. If you are choosing the phone number, please ensure you select the correct country code and note that the visitor must be able to receive an SMS from this phone number.

6. Choose the language you wish the visitor to receive their access instructions in. For details on how we set the languages see Languages.

7. Press or click on the default Start Date to bring up the date picker. Once you have selected the date, you will be presented with a time picker to select a time.

8. Press or click on the default End Date to bring up the date picker. Once you have selected the date, you will be presented with a time picker to select a time (note that the end date must be later than start date).


À propos des paramètres de début et de fin

The Start and End of your access determines when a visitor may pickup keys from a Keycafe location. They will be denied access to keys outside the dates and times you select. However, if a visitor is late and tries to drop off keys after their access has ended, they are able to do so. This way you can always get your keys back into the system at any time.


Fuseau horaire de début et de fin

Veuillez noter que les heures d'accès seront l' où la remise des clés aura lieu. Par exemple, si vous avez défini l'heure d'accès dans le système sur 13 heures, lorsque vous tentez de récupérer les clés sur un emplacement SmartBox, le système vérifie s'il est 13 heures à cet emplacement. Si c'est le cas, l'accès est accordé. Les heures sont sélectionnées en utilisant une horloge de 24 heures qui défile (13h00 = 13h00, 17h00 = 17h00, 12h00 = 24h00).

9. Toggle Return Key Reminder to on position, if you wish your visitor to receive a notification before their access ends. This is to remind them to return the keys to the same SmartBox where they picked up the keys.

Temps entre la planification de l'accès et le début de l'accès Notification Sent to Visitors
Plus de 24 heures 12 heures avant l'heure de fin d'accès
Plus de 4 heures et moins de 24 heures 2 heures avant l'heure de fin d'accès
Moins de 4 heures 15 minutes après la remise des clés

10. Toggle the Require Visitor ID to have your visitor(s) receive instructions to download the app and take a photo of their ID to verify their identity. See Creating a Booking with Photo ID to learn more.

11. Enter the number of Visitors you wish to upload their ID.

12. Toggle Photo Verification to require your visitors to upload a selfie that is matched in real-time to their previously uploaded ID prior to being allowed access to your keys. See Creating a Booking with Photo ID to learn more.


Smartphone requis pour la photo d'identité et la vérification

Both photo ID and photo verification require the visitors to have a smartphone with a data plan or WiFi access. Before enabling these settings, make sure that your visitor is able to use the URL Link method of access or download the Keycafe iOS or Android mobile apps.

13. Select Add at the bottom of the page to save the changes.


How visitors Receive an Access?

Your visitors will receive an SMS or Email with their booking code and instructions on how to pickup your keys. See Visitor Booking Code to learn more.

Vous devez leur faire savoir où se trouvent les clés et les heures de fonctionnement du lieu.


Setting Up an Ongoing Visitor

To set up an ongoing visitor who will be able to access your keys 24/7 until you revoke their access, please follow these steps:

1. Connectez - vous à votre application ou site web Keycafe Dashboard .

2. Sélectionnez Clés dans le menu.

3. Sélectionnez le jeu de touches auquel vous souhaitez accorder un accès continu.

4. Select Add Ongoing Access.

5. Choose if you want to give access by Email or Mobile Phone (The visitor must be able to receive an SMS from this phone number). If you are providing access by mobile phone number, select Send to Mobile #.

6. Entrez leur email ou leur téléphone portable. Assurez-vous de sélectionner le bon code de pays.

7. Select Add to grant ongoing access to your visitor.


Ongoing access to all keys

If you wish to give ongoing access to all keys in your account including keys you create in the future you can use the following steps.

1. Click more - classic view

2. Click on any key

3. Click ongoing access

4. Create the access as normal and then click the "apply to all keys" checkbox

5. Visit to return to the normal view


Déposez vos clés

Make sure you drop off your keys to the Keycafe SmartBox before your visitors' arrival. See Setting Up a Key with a Keycafe Fob



Congratulations. Now, your visitors will be able to access the designated SmartBox to access your keys.


What Does My Visitor Receive When I Give Them Access?

Visit visitor Booking Code to learn more about the message that your visitors receive and find out how to receive a sample of this message.

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