Picking Up a Key

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Download the App

Please note that using the Keycafe iOS or Android mobile app is the easiest way to pick up and drop off keys. The app allows you to easily communicate with us if you are in need of assistance.

Accessibility for Users with Disabilities

If you are a person with disabilities, please visit Accessibility to learn more about how we can assist you with picking up keys.


Picking Up a Key with a Booking Code


Key Owner Picking Up Keys

Start from step 4 if you are the key-owner. Please note that your access code is your phone number.

  1. If you choose not to use the URL link or download the Keycafe app, ensure that the key-owner has informed you of the SmartBox location and operating hours.
  2. Check your access dates and times to ensure that you are accessing the keys during the scheduled time.
  3. You have received a booking code via email or SMS message. Save this code as you will need it to access the key.
  4. Once you are at the correct Keycafe SmartBox location, locate the Keycafe SmartBox.
  5. Touch the SmartBox's screen to begin.
  6. Select Key Pickup.
  7. Enter your access code and press Enter.
  8. For additional security, you may receive a 4-digit SMS code to your mobile number that you will need to enter into the SmartBox.
  9. Select the name of the keys that you wish to pick up and press Pick Up. The designated key bin in the SmartBox will open to give you access to the keys.
  10. Once you have picked up the keys, close the key bin door firmly.


  • When picking up keys, do not put anything back into the bin, including the keys you just took out.
  • Be sure to close the key bin door after picking up your keys.
  • To leave the keys back in the bin, follow the Drop Off Keys process to ensure the keys are available in the app for pickup next time.


Picking Up Keys Using the URL Link

  1. Your email address will be automatically entered. Next, you must agree with the Keycafe terms of service, privacy policy and community guidelines.
  2. Select Start to continue.
  3. From My Access page, select Go to Key Pickup Location to see the location of the Keycafe SmartBox that the keys are placed in. Note the location's opening hours and address or select Show directions to be guided to the location. Select Back.
  4. Find the SmartBox at the specified Keycafe location. From My Access page, select Pickup Your Keys and select Pickup Key. The button on the SmartBox will start blinking shortly. Press the button to open the bin.
  5. Once you have picked up the keys, make sure to close the key bin door firmly.


Picking Up Keys Using the Keycafe App


  1. You will have received an access code via email or SMS message.
  2. Downloaded the iOS or Android app. Make sure you have registered an account with Keycafe.
  3. Enter your email and phone to identify yourself as the authorized person to pickup the keys.
  4. Enter the Link Access Code found in the email or SMS you would have received initially.
  5. Select Keys from the bottom menu.
  6. Select the set of keys that you are picking up.
  7. Select Home Location to see the location of the SmartBox that the keys are placed in.
  8. Select the blue arrow beside the location name to note the address of the location or select Show directions to be guided to the location.
  9. Go to the designated SmartBox location. Once at the location, find the Keycafe SmartBox on the wall.
  10. On your app, select Keys from the bottom menu.
  11. Select the Name of the Key you are picking up.
  12. Select Pickup Key and follow instructions in the app.
  13. Once you have picked up the keys, make sure to close the key bin door firmly.

Read Your Welcome Note

After picking up your key, please go back to the step-by-step instructions page on your Keycafe app. Select Welcome Note to view the key-owner's notes about the key you have picked up.

Pickup Complete!

You have successfully picked up the keys. To learn how to drop off your keys visit Dropping Off a Key.

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