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Finding a SmartBox Location on the Keycafe Website

Using the locations page on the Keycafe website, you are able to search by your address to find Keycafe SmartBoxes that are available for public use. Click on the Keycafe location icon to view the location's address and opening hours.

Finding a SmartBox Location Using the App

When logged into your Keycafe account, you are able to view more detailed information about the SmartBox locations near you including directions and key bin availability.
  1. In the mobile app, select Locations on the menu. If you are using the desktop app, see locations on the Keycafe Public page.
  2. Select a Keycafe pin of a SmartBox's location to see the name of the location. You can also use the search bar at the top to locate SmartBoxes near a specific place.
  3. Select the arrow head on the right side of a location's name. You are provided with the location's address, opening hours, key bin availability, and instructions on how to locate the SmartBox within the location.
  4. Select Show directions to view the best route from your location to the chosen SmartBox.



SmartBox Location's Opening Hours

Keycafe has many 24-hour locations for you to choose from. Please check the opening hours of the location and ensure that your visitor is aware of them. The opening hours of each location are posted on our locations page. They are also available in our Keycafe app.

Holiday Hours

Please keep in mind that holidays may affect the location's opening hours. Please contact the location directly to confirm their opening hours.


Your Keycafe Account is Not Tied to a Specific Location

You can use any public Keycafe SmartBox location as it becomes convenient for you or your visitor. You do not need to re-register even if you move to another city. There is also no extra charge to use another location.

API for Programmatic Searches

If you need to programmatically search for the best locations in terms of hours and availability, you can obtain our public location data via our API. The API also allows you to quickly find the best location based on geo-coordinates. Please see our API reference materials for more information.

A Note About Private SmartBoxes

If you don't see a Keycafe SmartBox on the Keycafe locations map but you see it on the wall in a location, the location is either unavailable or is a privately owned SmartBox. If you have been given access to keys in a private SmartBox, the location will show up on your Keycafe app when you have logged in.

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