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Welcome to Keycafe! This quickstart guide will show you how you can easily create and share access to your keys using the Keycafe system.

Register a Keycafe Account

Register for a Keycafe account at the Keycafe website or on the iOS or Android mobile applications.

For more detailed instructions, visit Registering an Account.


Create Your Key

Using the Keycafe mobile or desktop application, create a key:

  1. Select +Add.
  2. Select Key.
  3. Enter a name for your key. This is the name that will be used to identify the key and will be visible to all users of the key.
  4. Enter a description for the key (optional). Only administrators of the key will see this.
  5. Select Add Key to complete.

For more detailed instructions, visit Adding a Key.


Set Up & Drop Off Your Key

  1. Go to a Keycafe SmartBox location and select the Keys menu section on the Keycafe Mobile App.
  2. Select the key you want to set up, and select Setup Key with Fob.
  3. Select the Setup Key button and select the SmartBox location where you are setting up the key.
  4. Input the access code shown on your phone on the SmartBox touch screen, and follow the instructions on the SmartBox.
  5. A key bin containing Keycafe fobs will open. Grab a fob, attach it to your keys, and close the fob bin door.
  6. Scan the fob on the SmartBox as instructed to finish setting up your keys.

Now you can drop off your key at any SmartBox locations. For more detailed instructions, visit Setting Up a Key with a Keycafe Fob and Dropping Off a Key.


Create a Booking

Using the Keycafe mobile or desktop application, give a visitor access to your key:

  1. Select +Add.
  2. Select One-Time Booking.
  3. Select the key you would like to share.
  4. Enter the email or mobile number of your visitor.
  5. Modify the access details like the dates of access and access language instructions, before selecting the Add button.

For more detailed instructions, visit Creating a Booking.

Ongoing access for trusted users

If you would like someone to have indefinite access to your keys (like a cleaner or trusted friend), you can create an ongoing access. See Create an ongoing access for more details.

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