Setting Up a Key with a Keycafe Fob

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About Keycafe Fobs and Why We Use Them

The Keycafe system requires each set of keys to be scanned during a drop off. This ensures Keycafe knows who and which set of keys is being dropped off and can accurately track and maintain logs of all key exchanges. Keycafe fobs contain a unique identifier that is scanned at the SmartBoxes. Setting up a fob is required for each key and permanently links your newly added key with a Keycafe tracking fob and to the key in your account.


How to Set Up Keys with a Keycafe Fob Using the SmartBox


Fobs are provided at a Keycafe SmartBox during the key setup process.

  1. Go to a Keycafe SmartBox location. For more information on finding a SmartBox location, visit our Finding a Location page.
  2. On the SmartBox screen, tap Touch Screen to Start.
  3. Select Set up New Key and follow the instructions on the screen.
  4. The fob bin will pop open. Take a fob from the opened bin and close the door firmly.
  5. The app will instruct you to scan the attached fob. This will link the fob to your keys in the Keycafe system.
  6. Attach the fob to your keys.

Keep the Keycafe Fob on Your Keys

The Keycafe fob is linked to your keys and is meant to be with those keys throughout their life in the Keycafe system. Please do not remove it or you will not be able to complete key exchanges.

Your Keys are Now Set Up

You can now drop off your keys and create bookings for your visitors to pick them up.

Always keep the Keycafe tracking fob attached to your keys.


Inviting Someone Else to Link a Fob to a Key


If you would like to invite a friend or someone else to set up a key with a fob at a SmartBox for you, you can use the Invite Key Setup feature. This will create a booking for the user and provide them with a code that can be used to set up the key with a fob.

A Note About the Invite Key Setup Feature

The user you invite to set up the key does not need to have a Keycafe account.

  1. Create a key in your account.
  2. Select keys in your account dashboard and find the key you'd like to link a fob to.
  3. Select Set up Key with Fob.
  4. Select View the advanced setup options.
  5. Under Invite Key Setup, select Create.
  6. Select the location you'd like the user to set up the key at.
  7. Enter the user's name.
  8. Select whether you'd like to notify the user by email or SMS, then enter either their email address or phone number. Make sure the phone number's country code is correct.
  9. Select the start and end date/time. This is the time frame the user will be able to set up, pick up, and drop off the key.
  10. Once complete and you've confirmed all details are correct, select Add.
  11. The user can now go to the SmartBox and set up the key. See How to set up keys with a Keycafe fob using the SmartBox for details.


How Many Items on One Keychain?

Due to the limited space inside the SmartBox bins, please keep a maximum of three keys attached to any Keycafe fob. We may not be able to store your key chain set if it is excessively large.

Bin Door Jams

Please note that excessively large set of keys can result in the bin doors becoming stuck. This could prevent your visitors to pick up keys. Please register two fobs and store keys separately if the key set is too large for a SmartBox bin.


Lost Keys

The fob allows your keys to remain anonymous, so if they are lost there is no identifying information on the keys themselves.

Lost and Found

We have many happy stories from customers who have had their lost keys returned. Our faith in humanity is stronger than ever as many people who find keys on the street contact Keycafe and we are able to assist getting keys with a Keycafe fob attached back to the key owner.

If you are certain that a set of keys has been permanently lost, follow the same steps for Lost Fob to replace that set of keys with new ones to retain the accesses and history.

To learn more, visit Managing Keys.

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