Visitor Booking Code

Three methods visitors receive an access code

  1. SMS
  2. Email
  3. Keycafe App



If the key-owner has used your mobile number to provide you with an access to their keys, you will have received a SMS access message from Keycafe. The access code you will use at the SmartBox to pick up a key will be your mobile including your country code, exactly as written in the SMS.

Sample SMS Visitor Receives

Sophia sent you an access! Use this link for the best experience.
The code 55555555 can be used at the access point or to link this access in the Keycafe app.



If you have been invited via email to use Keycafe, you will have received an email that provides information on how to gain access to the keys.

Sample Email Visitor Receives

Hi Visitor,

Sophia has sent you an access using Keycafe! Please click the link below to get started!

MY Booking: Track and complete the steps for your visitor booking at the following URL. You can also get in touch with support and access to other resources. Please keep this URL secure.

                                       **CLICK FOR YOUR ACCESS↗**

MY BOOKING CODE: If you need to communicate with our 24/7 customer support team reference your booking code to get help. The code can also be used to pickup keys at Keycafe SmartBoxes. Keep this code secure!

  1. To complete the steps using the URL, select CLICK FOR YOUR BOOKING.
  2. Your email address will be automatically entered. Next, you must agree with the Keycafe terms of service, privacy policy and community guidelines. Select Start to continue.
  3. From Bookings page, select Go to Key Pickup Location to see the location of the Keycafe SmartBox that the keys are placed in. Note the location's opening hours and address, or select Show directions to be guided to the location. Select Back.

Send Me A Sample

You are able to receive a sample of your visitor's access message by login into your account, selecting More and then Communications. Scroll down and under "New Access & Setup" choose Send Me a Sample


Keycafe App

If you receive access either by email or by phone, you may opt to use the Keycafe app to manage access to the keys. Benefits of the app include: if the keys are checked in and ready for pickup, directions to the SmartBox location, hours of availability to pickup the keys, access code inside the app, and direct 24/7 access to multi-language Keycafe customer support.

  1. Download the app IOS or Android
  2. Register your free Keycafe account. Your email and phone are used to verify your identity as the correct person to be able to have access to the keys. Your data is never shared or sold.
  3. Link an Access If you already had an existing Keycafe account, any new access is automatically added to your app. If this is your first Keycafe access, you need to link your access to your account. In the email under in step 2, there is a 7-digit alpha-numeric code. When registering the Keycafe account, you will be asked if you want to link an access. You will say yes, and enter in this access code.

Picking Up Keys

Visit Picking Up a Key for a step-by-step instructions on how to pickup keys.

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