Adding a Key

What is a Key?

A key in the Keycafe system is a digital representation of your physical keys. Each set of keys will have a Keycafe tracking fob connected to them which allows the Keycafe system to track key exchanges and for users to easily identify their physical sets of keys (if they have multiple) using the Keycafe app. Adding your keys using the Keycafe mobile or web app is the first step in Keycafe's key exchange protocol.


1. To add a key, make sure you have a Keycafe account and are logged into your account.

2. Select + Add.

3. Select Key.

4. Enter a name for your key.

Security Note Related to Naming Your Keys

For additional security, we recommend using unique key names that do not contain corresponding address information since the name of the key is displayed in notifications, on the SmartBox screen, and other aspects of the application that may be visible to unauthorized parties. You have the option to separately add notes and address meta-data in your account for helping to differentiate and search your keys.

See the Managing Keys page to learn about how you can edit your key information.

5. Select Add Key at the bottom of the page.

You Are All Set!

At this point, you are able to use the app to begin sending your visitors accesses. However, before you or your visitors will be able to pick up or drop off the keys, you must set up your keys with a Keycafe fob.

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