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Guides and FAQs

Keycafe's documentation provides you with guidance regarding most aspects of Keycafe's services and application. Access articles using the left navigation bar of this screen or use the search bar near the top-right of the screen.

Visit the Keycafe FAQs for a full index of the most frequently asked questions by our users.

Still have questions? Contact Keycafe's customer support through any of the provided channels.


Chat Support

Chat support is our recommended forum for customer support. It allows for immediate communication between you and our global support team. Simply click here to chat with our customer support or use the Keycafe mobile app by logging into your account. Select More, then Help & Contact, and choose Chat Support.

Chat Languages

If you speak a language we do not natively support, we can communicate with you using the chat application's translation functionality. Chat translation is not always perfect so please have patience!


Email Support

You can either email us directly at or from the Keycafe app by navigating to My Account, then Help & Contact, and selecting Email Support. After entering your question or feedback, select Submit.


Phone Support

Business Pro Feature

Note that phone support is reserved for customers on our Business Pro plan.

Keycafe offers phone support 24/7 in English, and in French, Spanish, and Japanese during peak hours but not 24/7. More languages will be added as Keycafe grows!

In the app, navigate to My Account, then Help & Contact, and select Phone Support. You will be provided a form in which you can describe the issue and your contact number. 


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