Desktop vs. Mobile Apps

There are a few differences when accessing Keycafe through your desktop's web browser compared to the Keycafe iOS or Android mobile app.

  • Public Locations: On the mobile app, you can view all the Keycafe public locations where you can drop off your keys by selecting Locations from the bottom menu. On the desktop app, select the globe icon on top left to view our public locations.

  • Private Locations: On the mobile app, navigate to More and then Private Locations to view your privately owned SmartBox locations. On the desktop app, select Locations on the left side menu.

  • Managing SmartBoxes: On the mobile app, you can view and manage your private SmartBoxes by selecting More and then SmartBoxes. On the desktop app, select SmartBoxes from the left side menu.

Classic View

Reverting back to the original classic view can only be done when accessing the Keycafe page via a web browser. To access classic view, log into the Keycafe website from a web browser and select More. Select Classic View to see a new web browser tab where you are asked to log into the classic view application.

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