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The communications menu is where you can easily see when we communicate with you and it allows you to enable or disable specific communications. Additionally, you are able to request samples of the notifications that your visitors will receive, so you can see exactly what kind of communications experience they have when accessing your keys.

Proceed with the following steps to customize your communications settings:

  1. Click the user dropdown at the top near the right side and select My Account.
  2. Select Communications.

Customize Your Preferences

By default, all the communications notices are enabled. You can easily switch them off by toggling the on/off button for each notice. Please note that there are three mandatory notices that cannot be disabled:

  • Security & Service Related
  • New Access & Setup
  • Return Key Reminders

In this article, we provide an overview of each setting and outline in which cases Keycafe will notify you if that setting is enabled. We also explain why some of our communications services are mandatory. We recommend leaving all notifications enabled, as this will result in the smoothest key exchange experience for you.

Adding Multiple Contacts to Receive Notifications

You can only receive email and SMS notifications to one single email and phone number. As a best practice, we recommend setting up an email filter that will automatically forward Keycafe notifications to other email accounts. This can be done in Gmail by going to SettingsFilters, and then selecting Create a New Filter.


Key Pickups

The Key Pickups setting notifies you via email when any of your keys are picked up from a SmartBox.


For security purposes, we recommend leaving this notice enabled so that you always have a real time update when your keys are picked up.


Key Drop Offs

The Key Drop Offs setting notifies you via email when your visitor has dropped off your key at a SmartBox. This is a useful option for keeping track of your keys and planning schedules.


Security & Service-Related

Keycafe will send you transactional and informational notices regarding security, your account, and the service. Please note that this notice cannot be disabled, as it is important for us to efficiently communicate with you about the security of your keys and the service.


Product Announcements

The Product Announcements setting ensures that you receive notifications about how Keycafe is evolving and improving our services. We will notify you about new updates, features, and product launches, keeping you at the forefront of our services.


Keycafe Offers

The Keycafe Offers setting ensures that you receive updates about any events, promotions, discounts, and marketing offers from Keycafe. With this option enabled, you may also receive offers from selected third-party partners.


Private Location Issue

As an enterprise customer, you will receive notifications via a text message and email, when a SmartBox at your private location is experiencing issues such as going offline or losing power. You will also be notified when the issue is resolved and the SmartBox is returned to a healthy state.


New access & Setup

Visitors are sent instructions and information when you provide them with access. Please note that this communication option cannot be disabled if you are using the service via our application. If you are an enterprise user building an application, there are options to white-label the communications.


Return Key Reminders

We will notify your visitors to return your keys back to the Keycafe SmartBox before their one-time access ends. Please note that this communication option cannot be disabled if you are using the service via our application. You are able to control this setting when you create a booking.


Access Starting Reminders

We will notify visitors when their one-time access begins. They will receive a notification stating that they are now able to pick up the keys from the designated SmartBox location.


Access Modified or Canceled

This setting notifies visitors if you decide to cancel or modify their access. This includes any modifications to the dates and times of their access.

What Your Visitor Sees

For all of the visitor notifications, select Send Me a Sample from the communications menu to receive a sample of the email and/or SMS message that your visitor will receive.

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