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As a multilingual key-exchange service provider, our platform and customer support is available in many languages no matter where you are or what language you may speak.


Available Languages

The Keycafe platform is currently available in nine different languages:

  • Chinese
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


Account Language

To change the language of your Keycafe account:

  1. Click the user dropdown at the top near the right side and select My Account.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Select the Language dropdown and choose your preferred language, then click Update.

Language of Notifications

Please note that changing the Keycafe account language will also change the language of all notifications that you will receive from Keycafe.

Language of Support Communications

While notices from the Keycafe app or website will be in the newly selected language if our support team contacts you or a visitor user, the message will be in English or the official language of the city the user is located in.


Live Chat Support Language

By contacting our support staff via our live chat, we are able to respond in almost any language using a third-party translation system. The same system is used for translating user emails.

Chat is our recommended method for quick and multilingual responses.


Phone Support Language

At this time, our support agents are equipped to speak in four different languages. English is offered 24/7 while other languages may only be available during certain hours or peak hours.

Don't see your language? We're planning on adding more soon!

English French Japanese Spanish


SmartBox Language

Keycafe SmartBoxes can display English, French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Chinese. See SmartBox Languages for more details.


Visitor Notifications & Customizations

During the process of providing one-time access to your visitors, you are able to set the language in which they will receive notifications from Keycafe. Visit Creating an Access to learn more.

The following steps are used to determine the language in which the access code is sent to your visitors:

  1. If your visitor has an existing account with Keycafe, they will receive the email in their selected language.

  2. If your visitor does not have an account, but you have specified the access email language when you provided them an access, the specified language will be used.

  3. If your visitor does not have an account and you have used their phone number to provide an access, we will determine their language based on the country code of their phone number.

  4. Otherwise, English will be used as the default language.

Language of Your Customizations

Certain aspects of the platform allow you to customize messaging such as the visitor "welcome note" and settings related to firmware on private SmartBoxes (see SmartBox white-labeling). Please keep in mind that when you add such customizations, they will stay in the original language you wrote them in.

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