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Understanding Locations

SmartBox is a wall mounted device that has multiple key bins and a touch screen. Using the touch screen interface, users can access the key bins to drop off or pick up keys. A SmartBox is usually linked to one location during its lifetime but can be unlinked and linked to a different location if necessary.

Location is a place where one Base Station SmartBox, and optionally one or more Expansion SmartBoxes are installed. Every location has an address and hours of operation to inform visitors about when and where they can pick up or drop off keys. Key exchanges are logged at locations and SmartBoxes inherit certain settings from the location they are linked to. In your account, you can see all the SmartBoxes linked to the location and key exchanges that have taken place there. The location allows you to modularly add as many SmartBoxes as you need for your key exchange needs.


Creating a Location

To create a new location, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Keycafe Dashboard.
  2. Select + Add on the top left of the page.
  3. Select Private Location.
  4. Enter the name of your location. Please note that this name must be unique within the system.
  5. Enter the location's address by using the search bar or manually completing the fields.
  6. Click Submit.

Once the new location is created, its hours of operation are defaulted to 24 hours a day and seven days a week.


Add SmartBoxes to Your Location

After connecting your SmartBox to WiFi or Ethernet, proceed with the following steps to link the SmartBox to a location:

  1. Note the serial number of the SmartBox near the bottom of its right side.
  2. Go to the Keycafe Dashboard.
  3. On the side menu, select Locations.
  4. Select the location you wish to link the SmartBox to.
  5. Select Add SmartBox.
  6. Enter the SmartBox's serial number.
  7. Select Link. Please note that every SmartBox can only be linked to one location. If your box is previously linked to another location, you need to unlink it first.
  8. Continue this process for all your expansion boxes.

You Are All Set to Do a Key Exchange!

Your SmartBox is now linked to your Location. Now you can see the SmartBox at the location in your account, set up keys by scanning fobs, drop off keys by entering your access code on the screen, or give access to your visitors to keys that will be at that location.


Naming SmartBoxes

You can edit the names of your SmartBoxes for easier management and organization.

  1. Login to your Keycafe Dashboard.
  2. Select SmartBoxes.
  3. Select the SmartBox you'd like to edit the name of.
  4. Select About SmartBox.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Enter a new name for the SmartBox and select Save.



Location Status

After linking the SmartBox to a location, you will notice the following information at a glance under the name of the location:

  1. Location's address: The address that was entered when you created the location.
  2. Online/Offline Status: If all the SmartBoxes are functioning properly, the online status is displayed for the location. The offline status can be caused by variety of reasons, such as a linked SmartBox having no power or reception.
  3. Number of Bins Utilized: You can view how many key bins are currently occupied.


Keycafe Vancouver HQ Location

Managing Your Key Bin Inventory

As a customer service function, you are able to remotely open a key bin or adjust the key inventory manually if it is out of sync. Visit Managing Key Inventory Manually to learn more.


Editing Location Details

To change the details of a location, navigate to the location and select About Location. At the bottom of the page, select Edit. Fields including the location name, address, and operating hours will become editable.

For hours of operation, you can toggle 24 hours / 7 days a week on or off. Once it is off, select the opening and closing times. Please note that leaving the opening and closing times on the same hour (e.g., both on 12:00:00 AM) would mean that the location is closed on that specific day. Make sure to click on Submit to save the changes.

Leveraging the API

You can also use the API to retrieve data for a single location with a GET request to the endpoint with an ID: https://www.keycafe.com/v0/location/location_id

Additionally, you are able to search locations by retrieving data for multiple locations with a GET request to the endpoint: https://www.keycafe.com/v0/location

Check out our API Reference for more information.


Unlink a SmartBox from a Location

  1. Go to the Keycafe Dashboard.
  2. Select Locations.
  3. Select the location you wish to unlink a SmartBox from.
  4. Select the Link button next to the SmartBox you wish to unlink from the location.
  5. Select About SmartBox
  6. Select Unlink from Location.

Unlinking a SmartBox and your data

Unlinking a SmartBox from a location will not affect any of your data. All keys, users, bookings, groups, and key access history will be intact after unlinking a SmartBox.


Retiring a Location

  1. Go to the Keycafe Dashboard.
  2. Select Locations.
  3. Select the location you wish to retire.
  4. Unlink all SmartBoxes from the location.
  5. Select About Location, then Edit.
  6. Select Retire Location and confirm.
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