Managing Key Bin Inventory

Sometimes as a customer service function you may wish to open a key bin for a visitor user or service person at a location, or manually adjust the inventory. This could be due to the key inventory being out of sync (e.g., users returning keys incorrectly). The location dashboard gives you the ability to open any key bin or adjust its inventory in the database remotely.

To view or change the status of key bins, select the location and a specific SmartBox. The list of key bins is displayed on the right.

1. You can Authorize Release if you need to open a key bin. Select the lock icon on the left, next to the bin number. Once the bin is released, press the flashing button on the SmartBox to open the bin.


2. If a bin is marked as empty, you can Add Key by selecting the first icon on the right and entering the key's serial number.


3. If the bin is marked as occupied, you can Remove Key by selecting the icon on the right.



An Important Note on Key Bin Operations

Notice that many useful operations such as remotely removing or adding a key will be a two step process:
1. Open the bin by authorizing a release.
2. Manually adjust the inventory.

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