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SmartBox Specifications

For details on the latest SmartBox models, see SmartBox Specifications. See the specifications for previous models:


What is a SmartBox?

Keycafe SmartBoxes are cloud-connected devices that are designed by Keycafe to provide key exchange and access technology to sharing economy, property management, auto, real estate, facilities management and other industries.

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Keycafe's key-exchange service started by installing SmartBoxes at public locations, such as local coffee shops or 7-Eleven stores, to create a retail network of key exchange points. Users are able to access SmartBoxes to share and access property, vehicle or other keys. The service is used by individuals in a variety of industries, such as home-owners, housekeeping, or dog walkers.

Today, enterprise users such as corporate housing, property management companies, and real estate agents are able to order SmartBoxes and install them at private locations in order to share key access with their staff, contractors, or customers. Additionally, enterprise users are able to re-brand Keycafe SmartBoxes for marketing purposes. See Customization to learn more.

Keycafe's key-exchange service is available via the Keycafe website, Android and iOS apps, and is embedded into Airbnb Host. Additionally, enterprise customers are able to use Keycafe API integrations to fully integrate Keycafe app functionality into their own applications.



Since the number of keys used by each industry varies, the modular design of Keycafe SmartBoxes is able to accommodate different needs.

There are two main categories of SmartBoxes: base stations and expansion units.

  • A base station includes components such as an NFC scanner, touch screen, key bins, and one-touch button. Every location has only one base station which communicates with the server.
  • Expansion units can be added for extra capacity. It includes all the listed components but lacks the touch screen, scanner, one-touch button. and fob bin. The expansion unit links to the base station and communicates with it directly.
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