New SmartBox Owner Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of the Keycafe Key Management System.

We are here to help you get the most benefit from using the system. If at any time you wish to have a live video demo of the software, please email

This guide will introduce you to how the system works, as well as everything you need to get started.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Set Up Your SmartBox
  3. Set Up Your Keys
  4. Prepare Keys for Staff Use
  5. Prepare Keys for Guest Use
  6. Advanced Options


Step 1 - Create an Account

To start off, create a Keycafe account. You will need this to gain access to the mobile and desktop apps, which will be used for the setup process.


Step 2 - Set Up Your SmartBox

  1. After receiving and unboxing your SmartBox, connect it to a WiFi, Ethernet or cellular network. Set up your SmartBox as a private location in the Keycafe app. 
  2. Mount your SmartBox to a wall using the installation instructions.
  3. If you have purchased expansion units, link your SmartBoxes.
  4. If you'd like to have multiple language options available to the users of your SmartBox, change the Language Settings for your locations.

Do Not Mount SmartBox Without Internet Connection

You must connect your SmartBox to a WiFi, Ethernet, or cellular network before mounting it to a wall. Internet connectivity is required to unlock the SmartBox from the backplate for removal.


Step 3 - Set Up Your Keys

  1. Start by adding your keys to the Keycafe app. There are two ways to do this:
  1. Keycafe’s system works by scanning a key each time it is picked up or dropped off at a SmartBox. This is done using key fobs. Just like adding keys, there are two ways to do this:


Step 4 - Prepare Keys for Staff Use

  1. Once your keys are set up, you can create users and assign permissions for your staff members and departments. 
  2. See all the available methods of picking up and dropping off keys. You may also download and print posters to educate staff on how to use the SmartBox. The best workflow for your organization may include one or multiple methods.
  3. If you have purchased user badges, you can set them up with these instructions.
  4. If you have multiple keys that you would like to group together, such as a particular department’s keys, you can create key groups. This will also allow you to quickly assign permission for all of them at once.
  5. You can enable key codes for quicker pickups and drop offs. The downside is that security is diminished, as you will not be able to track who is accessing keys.
  6. Time Shifts allow you to restrict key accesses to specified days and periods of time. This is useful if you do not want staff using keys outside of their assigned shifts.


Step 5 - Preparing Keys for Guest Use

If your workflow involves providing keys to visitors for one-time use, follow these steps to set up a one-time booking.


Step 6 - Advanced Options

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