Programmable Alerts

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Premium Feature

Programmable alerts are a feature only available to enterprise users on the Premium plan.


What are Programmable Alerts?


Programmable alerts are custom notifications that administrators can set up and personalize for particular keys or key groups. A notification is sent to a key's admin, user, or any other user within the organization by SMS or email in two optional situations:

  • specified number of minutes/hours/days after a key is picked up
  • specified number of minutes/hours/days after the end of a booking or time shift

Programmable alerts are useful for many workflows. Two common uses are:

  • Reminding employees at the end of a shift to return their keys, preventing missing keys for the next shift
  • Notifying hotel management when a guest has not returned a room key by their scheduled check-out time


Setting up a New Alert

Managing Programmable Alerts on Mobile

Note that creating and editing a programmable alert can only be done on the desktop app.


  1. Log in to Keycafe desktop.
  2. Select + Add.
  3. Select Programmable Alert.
  4. Enter the Name of the alert.
  5. Enter the Description of the alert. This is internal-only and will not be seen by users.
  6. Enter the name of the key(s) or key group(s) that you'd like the alert set for.
  7. Select the user(s) who check out a key that the alert will trigger for.
  8. Select the duration of time and situation for the alert to trigger.
  9. Select the recipients of the notification.

Multiple Recipients

You can have anywhere from one to a maximum of 10 recipients for an alert. If you'd like a user other than the key administrator or key user to be notified, enter their name in the Add More Users field.

  1. Select whether you'd like the alert to be sent via SMS or email.
  2. Enter the message you'd like the alert to show.


You can add variables to your alert message that will input the name of the key, the name of the user who picked up the key, or the name of the alert. Simply select Variables, then the + next to the variable you'd like to add. It will then be added to your message.

Different Message for Admin and User

If you'd like to alert both the key administrator and key user but have different messages for each, select + Add Notification to enter a separate message and select the corresponding recipient for each notification. You will then have one notification for the key admin and one notification for the key user.


Editing an Existing Alert

  1. Log in to Keycafe desktop.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Programmable Alerts
  4. Select the edit icon for the alert you'd like to edit.
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