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What Does the Integration Do?

Chekin is an online platform that allows you to automate your guest check-in process. Integrating your Chekin and Keycafe accounts allows for key access codes and instructions to automatically be created and sent to your guests after they complete your Chekin form.

Premium Feature

For enterprise users, third-party integrations are a feature only available on the Premium plan. You will also need a premium Chekin account.


How to Set Up the Integration

Before setting up the integration, make sure you have added your property in Chekin and added the property's key to Keycafe.


Retrieve Your Keycafe API Key

Your Keycafe API key will be used to connect your account with Chekin.

  1. Click the user dropdown at the top near the right side and select My Account.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Select API Settings.
  4. Select Generate Key and confirm.
  5. Keep this tab open, or copy the API key and paste it into a document. If you exit the page, the code will disappear and you will need to repeat steps 1-5 to generate another key.



Link Your Accounts

Now that you have your API key, you can begin linking your two accounts.

  1. Log in to your Chekin account.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Select the property you'd like to set up the integration for.


  1. Scroll down and toggle on Remote access.


  1. A popup will appear asking you to select how many properties to activate the functionality on and the total cost of the tool.


  1. In the Add an account popup, select Keycafe as the provider, then select Next.
  2. Enter your Keycafe API Key from the previous section, the email used in your Keycafe account, and an account name for this integration (You can just use "Keycafe"). Select Next.


  1. After confirming the integration was a success, you may need to toggle on Remote access again.


Link Your Keycafe Key to Your Chekin Property

  1. Under your Keycafe integration in the Remote access section, select Add door in the Doors section.
  2. Select Smart box for the Type.
  3. External Id is the name of your property's key. You should see a list of all your keys in the dropdown. Select the key you would like to grant access to for this property. The Name field will automatically populate with the name of your key. You can edit the name if you'd like.
  4. Confirm the correct key is selected, then select Add.
  5. Select Save Changes at the bottom of your screen.



Configure the Email Message and Timing

  1. Under the Doors section of the Remote access section, find Email Settings.
  2. If you'd like, you can enter a message that will be sent to your guest. Note that the Keycafe code and instructions for key pickup are automatically sent, and this message is additional.
  3. Select the timing for when the message is sent. This will apply to the Keycafe code and instructions as well.



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