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By adding a visitor booking, you are giving visitors permission to pick up and drop off your keys. With the Keycafe iOS and Android apps, you are always in control of who has access to your keys and when they can access them.


Visitor Types

Keycafe enables you to provide your visitors with a one-time booking or an ongoing access to your keys. Additionally, you are able to monitor, add, edit, and delete bookings at any time.

For information on how to manage your bookings visit the Managing a Booking page.

Key Access Security

Always use the Keycafe app to add visitors to ensure proper use of the system. Never give out your own booking code or they will have access to all your keys in the system.


One-Time Booking

One-time booking is designed to provide access to your visitor for a short period of time (e.g., short-term rental). You are able to specify the days and times during which your visitor can access your key. Additionally, you are able to add access notes and modify the instruction language, in case your visitor is visiting from a foreign country. See Creating a Booking.


Ongoing Access

Ongoing access allows unlimited key pickups and drop-offs by a trusted visitor. By choosing this option, you are agreeing to give a visitor access on an ongoing basis until you cancel it. The ongoing visitor is most often used for managing staff access, or if you have a regular dog-walking or cleaning service that requires access to your keys.

To learn more about creating visitor booking and managing them, visit Creating a Booking and Managing a Booking.

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