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MS4 / MS4M Base SmartBox

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MS3 / MS3M Base SmartBox

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MS3E / MSE30 Expansion SmartBox

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MS200 Base SmartBox


MS200X Base SmartBox


MS210X Expansion



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Installation instructions

After ensuring that your SmartBox set is complete, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Take the power supply out, attach the appropriate plug, and connect to a power source.

A Note About the SmartBox Wall-Mount Lock

The SmartBox wall-mount lock requires power to open and be able to remove the SmartBox from its mount. To ensure your SmartBox can be unlocked, take the power supply out as the first step. Next, attach the appropriate plug, connect to a power source, and test the wall-mount lock prior to fixing The SmartBox to the wall-mount backplate.

  1. Once plugged-in, the SmartBox starts an initialization process. This process can take up to 10 minutes.
  2. After the initialization process has been completed, follow the steps for Wifi, Ethernet or Cellular connectivity to find an environment with a strong signal reception.


Mounting the backplate on drywall

  1. Locate a stud in the drywall using a stud finder.

A Note About Safety

To ensure the stability of the SmartBox on the wall, the backplate must be mounted on a stud.

  1. Line up at least one column of the backplate holes on the stud.

American Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines

To ensure that the SmartBox is accessible to all users, please follow the ADA guidelines:

  • Mount the bottom of the backplate 46" (116 cm) from the ground. Both standing and seated users must be able to reach the touch screen.

  • Have a minimum ground clearance of 30" (76 cm) by 48" (122 cm) for both front-access and side-access in front of the SmartBox.

  • Limit the number of barriers that could prevent users from reaching and viewing the SmartBox screen.

Click here to learn more about the ADA specifications for interactive kiosks.

  1. Place the backplate on the wall, use a level to ensure the backplate is aligned properly, and mark each hole with a pencil. Remove the backplate.
  2. Drill holes (3/8" size drill bit) on the marks that you have made on the wall.
  3. Prepare the backplate by inserting the screws through the hole in the backplate and threading the toggle bolts on the other side. Leave the holes that will line up with the stud empty.

A Note on Mounting

For safety purposes, please make sure to use at least 3 columns of holes, one column being a stud.

  1. Line up the backplate holes with the holes on the wall and insert the screws with toggle bolts into the drywall.
  2. Drill the screws until they are tight with the toggle bolts firmly against the drywall. You may need to lightly pull the backplate towards yourself to create tension between the toggle bolt and drywall.
  3. Drill the wood screws in the holes aligned with the stud.

A Note on Non Drywall Surfaces

If you are mounting to a different wall type, such as brick, cement, or metal, please purchase the appropriate hardware to mount.


Mounting the SmartBox

After securing the backplate to the wall, proceed to place the SmartBox on the backplate.

  1. Ensure the system is connected to the power outlet and it is online.

Managing the Power Cord

If you need longer power cord, remove the clamp holding the extra cord inside the chassis at the bottom left area and pull out the cord to the desired length and then tighten the clamp.

  1. Ensure that all the wires are tucked inside the chassis of the SmartBox.
  2. Lift up the SmartBox and line up the backplate teeth with the indents along the sides of the SmartBox.
  3. Press forward onto the backplate teeth and let the SmartBox slide down gently. The lock will then click into place.
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