MS5 Base SmartBox Installation

This article contains instructions for the latest MS5 Base SmartBox.

See this article for previous SmartBox model installation instructions.

See articles for MS5E-18 and MS5E-42 for other MS5 Series SmartBoxes.


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1. What's Included in the Box?

A International Plugs
B Power Adaptor
C Drywall Toggle Bolt


Wood Screw
E Toggle Bolt Wing
F MS5 SmartBox
G Backplate


inventory_A-1.svg       inventory_A-2.svg       inventory_A-3.svg        inventory_A-4.svg


 inventory_B.svg    inventory_C.svg        inventory_D-1.svg     inventory_E.svg


inventory_C-E.svg     inventory_D-2.svg




2. MS5 SmartBox Rear Diagram

  1. Electronic Lock
  2. Backplate Mounting Slot
  3. Electrical Ports
  4. Expansion In Port (Orange)
  5. USB-C Power Port
  6. Ethernet Port



3. Power Up and Connect the SmartBox


  1. Take out the power adaptor (B), attach the appropriate plug (A), and connect to a power source.
  2. Once plugged in, the SmartBox starts an initialization process. This process can take up to 10 minutes if the SmartBox has been transit for an extended period of time.
  3. After the initialization process has been completed, follow the on-screen steps for WiFi connection.

Ethernet and Cellular Connectivity

If you do not have an available WiFi network, you can use an Ethernet or Cellular connection.

Connecting with Multiple Methods

SmartBoxes can be connected to the cloud using more than one method at a time. Some users may want to do this for redundancy in case one connection fails. The SmartBox will prioritize connections in this order:

  1. Ethernet
  2. WiFi
  3. Cellular


4. Add the SmartBox to Your Account

First, you will need to create a location in your Keycafe account.

  1. Mobile app: Tap More, Private Locations, then Add.
  2. Desktop app: Click +Add at the top left, then Private Location.
  3. Enter the name of your location. Please note that this name must be unique within your organization.
  4. Enter the location's address by using the search bar or manually completing the fields.
  5. Select Submit when done.

Now, let's add your SmartBox to the location.

  1. In the newly created location, select Add SmartBox.
  2. Enter the serial number shown on the SmartBox screen and select Link.
  3. Your SmartBox will now display its home screen.


5. Test the SmartBox

It's important to test the SmartBox bins and wall-mount lock before mounting to avoid an unresponsive and locked SmartBox.

  1. Mobile app: Tap More, SmartBoxes, then the SmartBox you just added.
  2. Desktop app: Click SmartBoxes, then the SmartBox you just added.
  3. Select Troubleshoot, Open All Bins, then One-Touch Open All.
  4. Press the button that appears on the SmartBox screen, and the bins will open one by one. If all bins open, proceed to testing the lock. If there is an issue with a bin, try again or contact Keycafe Support.
  5. Navigate back to the Troubleshoot menu, then select Dismount SmartBox and One-Touch Unlock.
  6. Press the button that appears on the SmartBox screen. If you see/hear the lock on the back retract, proceed to mounting the backplate. If the lock does not retract, try again or contact Keycafe Support.


6. Placement Considerations

When mouting your MS5 SmartBox, there are six major placement considerations that will ensure you get the optimal performance and longevity out of your system.


The SmartBox must be installed with screws onto wooden studs minimum size 2” x 4” (5cm x 10 cm) or concrete block minimum thickness 8” (20cm). Ensure the power outlet, environment and installation approach meets all requirements and standards in accordance with documentation available at as well as local laws, regulations and guidelines related to fixed installations. Always install with 2 people to prevent dropping the SmartBox with cables attached.



The SmartBox requires a standard power outlet (110v or 220v) and includes universal adapters. The power safety rating does not cover hard wired installations. Only use the supplied 12v power adapter.



Install in a well-lit, surveilled area to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism. The Keycafe SmartBox is a convenient way to manage key access and can be damaged or broken into if left unattended in unsecured areas.



Prior to mounting the SmartBox on the backplate, turn on the SmartBox in the exact location it will be mounted, and follow the instructions to connect the system to WiFi. Once connected, view the device status on the SmartBox screen to ensure there is enough signal before proceeding to mount the backplate. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND installing the device in a location with at least a 20% or more cellular signal or 50% or more WiFi signal.



The installation area should consider all users of the SmartBox so they can reach all bins, the scanner and keypad, as well as continued accessibility of pathways and halls the SmartBox is installed into. We recommend at a minimum adhering to US ADA guidelines which recommend the max height of the top of the SmartBox to be 48” (122cm) from the floor and a minimum of 48” (75cm) of obstruction-free space
in front, but you should also check any local regulations or guidelines that may be applicable to your installation.



If you have purchased expansion units or plan to in the future, keep in mind the space required for them. Each MS5E-18 requires a min of 11.4” x 23.3” (29cm x 59cm) area to install. Each MS5E-42 requires a min of 23.8" x 23.3" (60.5cm x 59cm). You can mount expansions on either side of the base station.


7. Mount the Backplate on the Wall

A Note About Safety and Wall Types

To ensure the stability of the SmartBox on drywall, the backplate must be mounted to a stud. If you are mounting to a different wall type, such as brick, cement, or metal, please purchase the appropriate hardware to mount.



  1. Locate a stud in the drywall using a stud finder.
  2. Line up at least one column of the backplate holes on the stud.
  3. Place the backplate on the wall, use a level to ensure the backplate is aligned properly, and mark each hole with a pencil. Remove the backplate.
  4. Drill holes (3/8" size drill bit) on the marks that you have made on the wall.
  5. Prepare the backplate by inserting the drywall toggle bolts (C) through the holes you are using in the backplate and threading the toggle bolt wings (E) on the other side. Leave the holes that will line up with the stud empty.
  6. Line up the backplate holes with the holes on the wall and insert the toggle bolts into the drywall.
  7. Drill the bolts until they are tight with the wings firmly against the drywall. You may need to lightly pull the backplate towards yourself to create tension between the wings and drywall.
  8. Drill the wood screws (D) in the holes aligned with the stud.


8. Mount the SmartBox

step_7.svg                           step_8.svg

  1. Unplug the SmartBox before mounting to prevent cable damage.
  2. Lift up the SmartBox and line up the backplate teeth with the slots in the back of the SmartBox.
  3. Press forward onto the backplate teeth and let the SmartBox slide down gently. The lock will then click into place.
  4. Plug the SmartBox back in.


You're All Set!

Your installation is complete! See our SmartBox Owner Guide for next steps.

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